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Founder and Managing Director, Mohammad Misbah Uddin, studied in the UK as mature students and had the first-hand experience of the difficulties and the challenges encountered by students choosing to continue their education in a foreign country. Those experiences become his incentive to establish JP International Study Service in the hope of assisting and supporting overseas students in adapting to life and study in a different culture.


Being a bridge across cultures and support for the academic pursuit of the younger generation is our mission. Our experienced education counsellors are ready to advise students on courses and career opportunities according to their educational background, interests, aptitude, and aspirations. Have a broad network with education providers, we are able to suggest a wide range of study options and programs to meet the students' needs.

To the interest of our students, we usually look into the following features:

  • Free Career Counselling based on the student’s background and needs.

  • Information on multiple options available.

  • Facilitate shortlisting of course and progress for each student

  • Registration and Application process based on known/experienced entry requirements.

  • Follow Up on applications with the institution for a quick decision.

  • Visa Counselling and Interview Preparation Services.

  • Visa Lodgment.

  • Assistance for travel arrangement, foreign exchange procurements, accommodations and airport pick up.

  • Comprehensive pre-departure briefing.

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