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Benefits of studying abroad

Today, we live in a globalised world. Earning an overseas degree can hold many benefits for your future career and personal development.

Benefits of studying abroad

Today, we live in a globalised world. Earning an overseas degree can hold many benefits for your future career and personal development.


Here are a few of the many advantages of choosing to study abroad.

1. Start your career off on the right foot

Graduates who’ve studied overseas are popular with employers. Choosing to study overseas shows employers that you have courage, flexibility, cultural awareness and demonstrate an understanding of how other people work and think. This will put you at the front of the pack when it comes to internships and job applications.

2. Living a language

Studies have shown that one of the best ways to become fluent in a language is to be surrounded by that language helping you to understand the local culture. You are no longer just learning a language when you are surrounded by English language speakers every day, seeing and hearing the language in the local cultural context mean you are living that language.

At first, living, studying and working in English may be a challenge, but you may well be surprised at how quickly it will become second nature to you. Communicating confidently in English will help you to excel in your studies. Meeting new friends from other parts of the world may even turn into professional connections down the road.

3. Wide range of courses

Having a wider range of study options to consider opens up a world of new overseas educational opportunities. JPISS partners with more than 200+ top-Quality Universities around the world; so whatever you are looking for – from a course at a top-ranking research institute to a unique study environment – we can help find the right fit for you.

Students who study in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK or the USA with JPISS often say how much they enjoy the different teaching styles. Some courses and modules may be the more traditional class-based setting, others may involve more teamwork while others may include work experience. Think about what might suit you best and your counsellor will consider this while researching course options with you.

4. Develop and grow personally

Students who study overseas often return to their home country with a more informed and less biased perspective towards other people and cultures. Whether you choose to study science, politics or finance, being able to think from a multinational point of view will help you face future challenges by coming up with innovative solutions.

As an international graduate, you will have a more diverse set of experiences compared to many domestic students in your home country. This allows you to think more openly and creatively. As you view the world through different lenses, you’ll also learn new things about your home country and culture.

5. Experiences to last a lifetime

Your international study experience isn’t just based in the classroom. At weekends and during holidays, you’ll have the chance to travel to tourist spots or even go off the beaten track. Make sure you save some mementoes, such as train tickets and souvenirs to keep a record of your adventures, because you might not realise how incredible your time was until you’re back home.

Perhaps one day you’ll be the one giving advice to your family – maybe even your own children – about why and where to study abroad!

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